Ice Cream Cone Bong

Ice Cream Cone Bong
Ice Cream Cone Bong
A close-up of an ice cream cone shaped bong



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Ice cream Cone Bong

Package included:
1pc Silicone Ice Cream Tobacco Pipe with Glass Bowl,random color


-It has the function of filtering and helps to eliminate the odor of impurities.
-The hole in the bowl enables maximum airflow.
-Thermal Stability (Constancy Of Properties Over A Wide Temperature Range Of -40℉ To 464℉)
-For tobacco use only, not intended for use with any illegal drug.

-Durable & Reusable,easy to operate good toughness, not easy to break.

-Easy to Clean: Flexible silicone for free to bend, you can easily disassemble and wash it with warm soapy water
-Environmental protection, flexible, lightweight and portable, easy to store and transport.
-Creative design,Beautiful appearance will give you a visual enjoyment ,looks pretty fashionable.
-Easy to Assemble, Disassemble, Cleaning and Store Away.
-It's a nice gift for yourself or your friend.

-Brand new product. There is no tobacco in the package,
-Items sold by us are intended for tobacco use only. Must be 21 years old, or above the required smoking age in your state, to purchase. Buyer is responsible for compliance with local and federal laws pertaining to the purchase and the use of this tobacco-smoking accessory.

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